{ Maíra Canal }

About me

// ~/mairacanal.rs

impl AboutMe
    fn getCurrentWorkplace()->& str {

    fn getCurrentDegree() -> Degree {
        Degree {
            course: "Computer Engineering",
            university : "University of São Paulo",
            onGoing : true,

    fn getDailyKnowledge() -> Vec<&str> {
            "Data Structures",
            "Linux Kernel",
            "Computer Architecture",
            "Embedded Systems",

    fn getOpenSourceProjects() -> Vec<&str> {
            "Linux Kernel, especially the DRM subsystem",

    fn getMyLinks() -> Vec<&str> {
        vec ![

    fn getFutureGoal() -> &str
        "Learn more about RISC-V, Rust and GPU architecture."

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